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Potted Amaryllis Bulbs
  • Potted Amaryllis Bulbs

    Our potted amaryllis are ready to brighten up your home this Christmas holiday! We have nine varieties to choose from and all all VERY large bulbs! These are not your tiny, wilted, big box store amaryllis bulbs. Their larger size gives them more energy to produce additional stems and blooms for you to enjoy for the holidays. They are potted in a variety of ceramic pots. Flat or textured white pot in small and large sizes or a small textured grey pot. All are topped with a bit of local forrest moss.  A care card and card with your personaized note can be included with delivery. Making this the perfect holiday gift for your best clients, friends or family. Pick up at the farm is also available.


    ** Local Maui delivery and pick up only

    • Bulb Care

      * Most amaryllis bulbs will produce 2 or 3 cycles of blooms each season. When the buds begin to open they should each last 5-10 days. Once the first cycle of bloom fades you can expect more blooms within 1-3 weeks.

      * Keep in a sunny window & rotate to keep stem straight.


      * Water the plant when the top 1" of soil feels dry, lift the moss and pour water directly on the potting mix allowing the container to drain freely each time.


      * Do not let the plant sit in water as wet soil can promote bulb and root rot and attract pests.


      * Once flowering, move out of direct sunlight.

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