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Beginner Gardening Class
  • Beginner Gardening Class

    This will be a very intro, hands on class. Taking place every other Thursday starting September 7th , 9am to 11am , going until the 8th of Feb giving us 12 meetings with the final meeting being a fun garden dinner celebration using flowers and food from our garden. The length is important because I want you to go from seed to harvest in your very own garden beds.
    During this time we will learn to start a garden from scratch, including garden planning, starting seeds, planting, taking a soil test, adding irrigation, amending and building soil, basic weed and pest management and of course harvesting and post harvest care. I already know it will also be fun and you will make friends. I'm so in and excited.
    The cost is $325 per person. This includes all your supplies, seeds, hand outs, all of it. Class size is limited. I do have room for scholarships so please inquire if cost is a factor. I look forward to doing this with you. 
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