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Beginner Gardening Class
  • Beginner Gardening Class

    Enhance your gardening skills and confidence! Think of it as having your personal garden coach by your side.


    Payment Plan Available


    Join us for an introductory, hands-on class every other Tuesday, starting March 19th, from 9 am to 1130 am, until Tuesday, June 11th. The final session culminates in a delightful garden picnic celebration, featuring flowers and food sourced from our garden, along with an introduction to floral arranging.


    From seed to harvest, learn the ins and outs of gardening in your own garden beds. Throughout our time together, we'll cover everything you need to know to kickstart your organic garden journey: from planning and seeding to irrigation, soil building, weed and pest management, and the rewarding process of harvesting and caring for your produce.

    Spaces are limited. 


    Payment plan available of 3 payments of $150 (6% processing fee added)


    Reach out with any questions.

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