Located in Makawao, Maui.

On the rolling slopes of Haleakalā in Makawao, Maui, Petaloom Floral Company has been growing flowers in a range of vibrant colors and varieties since 2017.

As two sisters, Ashley and Lisa, we grow and arrange a variety of colorful blooms using organic and eco-conscious methods. We are passionate about growing naturally fresh products for your home, business or special event.


It is also important for us to connect our business to the community through the farmers market, floral bars or workshops. It provides us the space to share an experience with the natural beauty cultivated right here in our local environment.


In our designs we strive to use 100% local and organic whenever possible. With  a zero waste mentality, we compost all event floral leftovers, reuse vases and other supplies and never ever use floral foam.


We emphasize community over competition, and hope to increase demand for a variety of locally grown blooms from all the Hawaii flower farmers large and small. We look forward to hearing from you!  



Pictured left to right: Our home grown dahlia, Lisa and Ashley



There are a multitude of reasons to buy local flowers: they are fresher, more vibrant, last longer, support the local economy and can even have a positive environmental impact.  The majority of flowers brought to our island are grown thousands of miles away in places like Columbia, Thailand, Ecuador and Kenya. Not only do they arrive in less than ideal shape, their negative environmental impact is huge! 


We are passionate about bringing you beautiful, fresh flowers using practices that encourage healthy soil, feed local bee populations and are kid-friendly. We strive to use all no-till methods of growing and always grow organic, with no chemicals. We hope to bring life to the soil and verdant hues to our blooms.  


We receive incredible joy from growing flowers for the community to help them celebrate their special moments, and we want that joy to spread. By working with and supporting other Maui flower farmers through sharing best practices and exchanging flowers, we hope to grow the local organic flower industry.

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